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Our professionalism far exceeds most Columbus restoration companies and we can prove it.
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With storms doing damage all over the State of Alabama and Georgia, there will be severe damage to homes and businesses that require contractors to fix. After the storm, many homeowners will need repairs, regardless if it is water damage, roof repairs or entire home building. Listed below are the tips that homeowners should know on why you should hire a local contractor after a storm.

  1. You Know Where Their Office Is
    When you hire a local contractor you know where their business is located. So afterwards you know where to contact them if there are any problems. If you hire some out of town contractor, you may be left in the dark if you have any additional problems afterwards. Good local contractors try to maintain a great reputation with their community by treating their clients with care and professionalism.

  2. Your Money Stays Within The Community
    When you hire a local contractor, you know that your money is staying within your community. Especially after a major storm, an important factor for starting the recovery process is getting local businesses and service providers back up and running, generating cash flow through the local economy. Small local businesses are what drives your local economy and you should have a peace of mind in hiring a local contractor, knowing that your money is going back into your own community. Local contractors work in the communities they live in (or near) and are truly interested in the community’s financial and economical wellness – just as you are.

  3. Better References
    When hiring locally you have a better chance of being able to check references and to get a feel for the reputation of the contractor. You also know where to find them when you have questions or concerns after the job is completed.

  4. Local Contractors Are Direct
    After a major storm, you want a local contractor that will be direct with you. It is their business and they want to do the right thing. After a storm you will get bombarded with sales people who actually do not work directly for the company they are representing. And most of the time they will sell you a project at a premium price, but not offer a premium service.The out of town companies are very persistent with their sales and marketing but it is only because they are driven by money. A local contractor is also familiar with the benefits and limitations of construction in your town. Not only will they be licensed and insured, but your local contractor will also know any permit hurdles to completing your project on time and within your budget.

  5. Higher Quality Work and Better Service
    A final point to consider is that a local home improvement contractor is going to be far more concerned about reputation than a large national firm a thousand miles away. The local firm will want to maintain a positive image so that businesses in the city keep coming back. This will lead to higher quality work and better service for all homeowners.You are better off hiring a local contractor – Always. Make the smart choice and hire locally after a storm. Your neighbors, community, and local businesses will appreciate your participation in the recovery effort.